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In this drill we combine the hip turn and the cross over step.


When executed efficiently we maximize the amount of ground covered while keeping square with gameplay action.


backwards transition drill

1. Vital precursor to high volume plyometric training.

2. Mechanics training geared towards injury prevention

3. Progression from strength training without increasing load.

Jump training

youth team training progression

1. Elevated Hip Flexor Stretch

2. Elevated Explosive Knee Drive 

3. Neutral Hip Flexor Stretch with Theragun

hip health

Supplementary Hip flexor and anterior chain work

Objective - Use efficient mechanics in a fast unpredictable environment, similar to a game.

Determine - Come to a conclusion if the athlete has habituated learned mechanics and can execute proper mechanics at game speed


Introducing light training

Here we have Melody Mezzina taking contact while executing proper landing mechanics. Immediate game-play takeaways as both trainer and athlete can observe the bodies reaction to outside forces. 

taking contact

Landing mechanics

This Beginner Deceleration Drill is a good way to prepare athletes for contact while running, as well as introducing correct single leg landing mechanics. Speed development is the ultimate goal as an athlete that displays adequate stop/start ability will transition through movements effectively.


youth starts

We look to increase movement efficiency with a drive step transition using the ball (soccer), then deconstructing the movement components with a band variation.

Drive Step


A commonly asked question, and often sought after goal. We look to start deconstructing the elements of what it takes to increase the speed of an athletes first step.


"Quick FIRST Step"

We use this running mechanics warmup to prime the hips through efficient ranges of motion and prepare the athletes form for more dynamic movement.

Running series

Mechanics Warm - Up

The key to having a long career sometimes depends less on your skill and more on your ability to stay healthy! Right out of the gate we see RGIII (first round draft pick) showing his likely hood of injury at his NFL combine. *Sigh


RGIII & Spotting an injury prone athlete