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Control Yourself Before Adding External Forces and Objects

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

180° High Performance is implementing the FRC system to prepare athletes for training.

September 14-15

Apex Training Centre hosted Creator & Head Instructor of the FRS system - Dr Andreo Spina - for a Functional Range Systems Seminar and certification.

His research based system places a high emphasis on actively improving range of motion in order to increase movement potentials and neurological control. This method of movement is used by practitioners worldwide along with professional sports organizations such as Canada Basketball and the Chicago Cubs of the MLB.

How will this approach and method help 180° Athletes?

Coaches will look to place higher emphasis on:

1. Placing the athlete in situations where they have to conciosusly develop neurological control

2. Training range of motion to increase the load bearing capacity of the athlete

3. Assessing joint health to determine the longevity of the athlete throughout their career