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Specializing in biomechanics for the development of the elite level athlete.


Balance & stability

Without balance, the outcome of an athlete's movement is unpredictable. An athlete must be able to withstand external forces in static or compromised positions.

Hip mobility

​​A complex engine. When compromised an athlete's practiced movements can become inefficient, and create harmful habits.  Mechanics and strength training through the hips are a primary focus at 180° when developing a powerful athlete.

Linear &

Off-Axis Running Mechnics 

Linear coordination is a fundamental component, its rhythm will set the cadence of an athlete's approach to the game. Every athlete must then continue to improve their efficiency throughout all angles of movement in order to maintain speed and balance during game-play.

Strength & power

An athlete must first master the primary movements and strength of their own body before external forces are introduced. When the athlete develops a sound understanding of core engagement and spatial awareness, maximal force is introduced to develop power.

jumping mechanics

There is a concept of finality and full commitment of mind and body when executing a jumping pattern. An athlete must have the ability to take-off and land with proper mechanics in order to prepare for the unpredictable influences that can be encountered mid-air.

Speed & reaction time

Speed is a byproduct of efficiency, not a prerequisite for success. We must not only have the ability to react quickly, but to prepare the body to adapt effectively after the movement has been made.

Shoulder Stability & Mobility

A weak joint.  Shoulders are exposed no matter its role in the given sport and therefore must be protected from injury. Furthermore, throwing-pulling-pushing cannot be maximized with restrictions to this joint.


In the weighing moments of the game, form will want to breakdown and mental strength will be tested. The physical body must play its part to maintain consistency. Endurance is the combination of pure will, repetition and scientific testing.